A S T R O N O M Y - Anyone who has once really employed with astronomy things finds a life is not long enough for all the Fascination of Astronomy, even if you have a period in your life where you don´t follow all the current astro things, if you have time you will always look up into the depths and the infinity of space's to experience. Only then you can understand how small, tiny and alone we are in the universe.

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René Neumann

Photo of the month December

. . . like every year, is the orion nebula M 42 a most popular object at the sky on winter.



M42 Orion nebula with UHC-E filter

In the night from 01.12.2011 i shoot 2 Photos with a 80/500 telescope, 1x 16min and 1x 10min and combined both of them.


Milky Way above Tenerife 2200m above sea level (16°37'50.71" W, 28°13' 23.40" N)

In the night from 07.09.2011 I could expose some objects for instance the milky way, but more impressive there was the amount of stars on the sky.

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Sunspots in September 2011


very beautiful sunspot group on 25.09.2011 recorded with a C8 and a redfilter. You can see very structured Penumbra.



M51 within constellation Canis Venatici May 2011


M51 fotographed direct from the citiy of Magdeburg. The sky was relativ good but nevertheless light polluted. Despite this fact I could get without a filter this follow result.
Data: 2000mm focal lenght(C8), EOS400D, 5x10 min atISO 400


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Sun eclipse on 04.01.2011 09:26 MEZ photgraphed with a Canon 400D, through a C8" telescope with a sunfilter in the pre-Alps in Germany. More photos here . . . eclipse event

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Moon photo as HDR (High Dynamic Range)

This photo consists 3 single photos, made with a C8 + Reducer 0,6. I used follow exposure times, for that ash-gray monnlight 5 sec with ISO 200 for the tTerminator range 1/8 sec with ISO 200 and for the illiminated part 1/320 sec with ISO 400. Merged would all photos with Photoshop.


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Venus in inferior conjunction on 23.10.2010 recorded 12:43 MESZ with a C8" plus IR 742 Filter and had a diameter about ca. 60"

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